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Representing the seen and unseen realms of shadows and light in the heART of Port (Under)Townsend, the intersection where mysticism meets art at the corner of Taylor & Water St. ― down the iron pergola stairs.
It’s bohemian eclectic eye candy. It’s Alchemy.

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New Artist & Owner

Peter Messerschmidt

Peter Messerschmidt

Resident Alchemist

It started with quadrilled paper… where I would fill in the squares (quite neatly, for someone so young) with markers in color patterns I saw– or “felt”– inside my head.
I also had a fascination with snowflakes, after seeing photographs of them in one of my grade school science books.
As I grew older, the patterns grew more complex. I was maybe nine or ten when my first crude attempts at free-hand geometric patterns saw the light of day. Many of them were inspired by one of my favorite toys of the day: The “Spirograph.”
By the time I was thirteen, the drawings had become fairly complex. I would draw them on paper with the finest point black marker I could get my hands on, and then give them to my mother to use as bookmarks, in her vast collection of cookbooks.

Come visit Red Dragonfly for the rest of the story and choose your own Alchemy Stone. It’s where Nature, Sacred Geometry, Mysticism and Art Intersect.

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Closed Weds (Nov-March)
M-SAT: 11am - 5pm
SUN: 12pm - 5pm

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What Our Customers are Saying

Don’t screw around, buy art here! Great collections, theme exhibits, friendly, interesting people, a lot of vibrant stuff. A little bit Steampunk, a little bit goth, a dollop of lowbrow, and uncompromising visions of the fantastical. If you’re creative and you’re not energized by a visit, you are dead or over-medicated. Jason Wiebe

“Best artwork in town, picked up three pieces this weekend.”
(When you come back, we’ve got at least three more! But we always say if you’re having a tough time deciding between three good pieces and the one wonderful piece — get the one.)

Ross Muirhead

“The best gallery in town!”
(Red Dragonfly has an excellent path to follow and we sincerely want this is to be the number one statement about our small corner of bohemian paradise!)

Miranda Mcclave

“Gorgeous. Loving. Passionate. Energetic. Welcoming. Red Raven Gallery is the place where true art fans fall in love.”
(we promise that Red Dragonfly will be just as awesome … and more!)

Katherine McGowan Shenar

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We’re in the process of migrating artists and the collective to a shiny new storefront, and we’re hoping to continue with the “store envy” by the original artists at the beloved Red Raven. In the meantime, take a trip into the past, trip on the new things and keep checking on us in the future.