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WE ARE ...

A Gallery

… but not just any “gallery”. We are THE gallery in Port “Under” Townsend with unique, engaging and thought provoking art, jewelry and more.

Forward Thinking

We have that tangible “something” you’ve been seeking. For the blank wall or space in your world where “trendy” or “popular” won’t fit.


We represent the intersection of art & mysticism. A place where shadows dance with the light. We’re the missing puzzle piece for every collector of Bohemian Eclectic wonders.


60 years of combined wisdom, knowledge and bizarre artistic endeavors led us here, so you can be certain when you leave with whatever called you in … you’ll love it enough to create a legacy.

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211 Taylor Street, UNDERTOWN! Look for us DOWN the stairs at the Iron Pergola on the corner of Water & Taylor Streets.

Our Story

In a gallery far far away, Peter sold fine art and sculpture for nearly fifteen years until the Empire (Austin, TX) struck back.

In a different gallery not so far away, Sarah bought fine art and sold fine art and hung out with artists, all the while judging every gallery concierge as inferior. She thought to herself, “I should stop opening restaurants, and have a gallery.”

  • Trained in the Creative Industry 80%
  • Community Driven 60%
  • Really Weird 50%
  • Artist & Customer Happiness 95%
Peter Messerschmidt

Peter Messerschmidt

Artist & Chief O' Er'thing

Alchemy Stone Alchemist, Mr. Sarah, Art Snob, Glass collector, Philatelist, Spelunker, HSP, Step-Dad and Expert Kitten Wrangler. Occasionally a Jedi.

Sarah Nash

Sarah Nash

Resident Psychic & Visionary

Irreverent Reverend, Bene Gesserit Witch, Medium & Channel, Mother, Grandmother, Collector of Weird, Fey as F*ck and mostly happy.

Red Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly

The Center of Everything

You. You are the reason for it all. Thank you to our patrons, our artists and to the collective that said, “Yes, come build a gallery here.”