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We’re not interested in “trendy”, we’re invested in “talent”.  The team behind the scene is co-creating a tangible, awesome experience for artists and art lovers.

Opening Doors

The key is to open doors for emerging artists while keeping doors open for established stars. When you’ve got the “right” combination the possibilities are countless.

Target Audience

“Embrace your deeper, darker side by investing in art and fiction that challenges every norm.” ~ Carla H Krueger
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Red Dragonfly is shifting the art scene on the Olympic Peninsula and the PacWest Metro areas. Our goal is to present opportunities to encourage investment.

All The Right Things ― Artist Check List


  • At least five well executed pieces to show with accompanying prints and/or cards already clear wrapped for browse bins
  • A website or Facebook Page with an “about” section that defines your journey thus far as an artist
  • The ability and desire to promote your work with us
  • You’re ready to take the plunge with a 60/40 split on sales
    (honestly, we’d like to go 70/30 because you’re doing the creative stuff but the IRS and overhead takes 10% & we need to pay the rent!) 
  • Have some questions before you send us your application?

Apply Now ― Contributing Artist Application

The Red Dragonfly was created with the unconventional art lovers experience at the forefront of its priorities. The way we approach art is by shamelessly admitting we’re passionate about lunatic visionaries. As a team, Sarah Nash & Peter Messerschmidt are at opposite ends of the artistic endeavor, meeting in the middle with joy every time. Sharing wall space, floor space and mind/heart space with artists is a dream come true. Contributing Artist Application

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Past & Present Gallery Images

We’ve developed and continue to improve on a tangible and virtual space so that your work looks great!  Keeping customers and the media interested is our job, you provide the art. Check out some of the current and previous work we’ve shown at our Store Envy — and apply today to share your vision with us virtually and at the Red Dragonfly in Port Townsend.

Art is always a necessity.

If I were called upon to define briefly the word Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul.” Paul Cezanne

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